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Name:Maison Roberts
Birthdate:May 14
The second most important thing about Maison is that he’s a fire sprite, he can generate and manipulate fire and his core body temperature is somewhere just over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

The most important thing is that he’s a Librarian, with a capital L. Where he’s from the Librarians are the secret protectors of the world. They’re some combination Watchers Council and Special Unit 2. The Sacred Order of Librarians was founded in the early 1600s, mainly to catalog and track the movements of what was at that time called ‘the horde’, basically just packs of lycanthropes and covens of vampires. Their influence has grown since then, however, any library with more than 7 people on staff likely has at least one, if not two Librarians on the payroll.

Maison works at the DC Branch, the Library that runs alongside (and is located underneath) the library of congress. He’s the Binder on staff, and where most bookbinders are used to working with paper, pasteboard and things like that, Maison’s more used to working with leaves and vellum and occasionally human skin.

Maison’s one of those people who’s easy to get along with, he likes people in general, but he likes the books better because at least they actually need babysitting, whereas people shouldn’t unless they’re actually babies. He doesn’t have the best luck with romantic relationships, at least lately, his most recent boyfriend left him for a woman, and the girlfriend before that did the same thing.

Maison knows his way around firearms and holy objects alike, that sort of thing is just basic training for the Librarians, and is mostly precautionary, they like to mediate first, see if the conflicts can be resolved without having to resort to firepower, but sometimes that’s not a viable option.
He’s also a fairly good cook, the Librarians at larger Branches (such as DC) all live at their Library with all the amenities, so cookery is something he’s learned since working there.

(Maison and the Order of Librarians are both things that I made up, Stephen Strait belongs to himself and this journal is used for fun and games only. Mun, muse and PB are all over the age of 18)
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